Re: Programmatically popup a tooltip

A. Pagaltzis said:
* muppet <scott asofyet org> [2005-05-13 18:40]:
That sounds like a recipe for resource starvation.

I know. If you only want to display a couple different tooltips
as in an imagemap, though, it might be workable.

The solution is big changes to the design of tooltips to allow
a widget to participate in the positioning and text content of
a tooltip.

Does it really require a huge design change?  I'd think it is
sufficient to emit a "display-tooltip" signal from the tooltip
object when it's about to show a tooltip.

Perhaps "big changes" was a bad word choice.  There are bugs in bugzilla that
have patches and discussion that do much like what you describe, but my
bugzilla-fu seems to be weak today.

Is there any obvious hole in my thinking that I can't see? It
does't seem like this could be very difficult.

The problem is that it's public API change, and the team is being very careful
about it.  This discussion has been going on for a long time.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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