Re: Programmatically popup a tooltip

* ofey aikon <ofey aikon gmail com> [2005-05-13 17:40]:
Is there a way to programmatically popup a tooltip using
Gtk2::Tooltip ? I tried the force_window() api but that doesn't
seem to be meant for this purpose.

: <>
: gtk_tooltips_force_window ()
:     Ensures that the window used for displaying the given tooltips is created.
:     Applications should never have to call this function, since GTK+ takes care of this.

If you are wondering what I am upto, I want to move my mouse
over a Gtk2::Image and based on the co-ordinates, I want to
popup a tooltip and display different text.

The only straightforward solution seems to be to put the
Gtk2::Image in a Gtk2::Fixed container and then position
Gtk2::EventBox objects on top of the image at the desired
coordinates â you can then associate an individual tooltip with
each eventbox. This doesnât seem very satisfactory, but despite a
good amount of searching I canât see how widgets and tooltips
interface with each other, so there seems not to be any easier

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