Re: Different graphing options

Well, that was lot of information and it took me a while to digest it all.

Narrow the scope a bit; what's more important?

I am looking for excel-like charts for a business application.
Therefore no immediate need for math functions etc. One functionality
I would love is a 'tool-tip' that would pop-up with the value of the
data-point when the user moves the mouse on a data point (like excel).
Other than that, pretty much some bars, lines, pies etc.

Speed is definitely a concern 'cos I want to generate the graphs
dynamically based on the user selection of data-points (data selection
will be done using TreeView or something). Quality is not that big a
concern b'cos my idea of the graph is to just to give a quick visual
cue to the user.

Just for the record, gnuplot works very well on win32 (IMO, anyway)

Yes ! Gnuplot indeed seems to work fine on win32. I've been playing
with it for a couple of days. I haven't done any heavy lifting yet but
so far it seems pretty good.

Chart::Graph::Gnuplot (part of Chart::Graph)

I downloaded this module and played with it. Needs some polishing to
run on win32. I looked at the source code and my guess is that it can
be easily patched to work on win32.

it looks like the gtkextra-2.0 API is a little more binding-friendly,
but i'm a little unnerved that they don't appear to have released out
of cvs.

On a slight offnote, I've seen that they've recently patched the
gtksheet. I guess development is not as dead as I thought to be in
that part of the world. But still their release cycle seems mysterious
to me too.

There's also Ploticus ....

I'm yet to play with Ploticus. But it may actually fit my needs from
what I read on their site. I guess Grace and jpgraph may meet similar
needs too. If I go that route, I just have to decide which one is
cleaner to wrap in perl and pipe to Gtk2.

To summarize, I haven't yet decided which path to take. 



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