Re: Different graphing options

Zach Bean wrote:

On Mi, 2005-05-04 at 23:13 -0700, ofey aikon wrote:
1. Wrap gnuplot.
- Rich in functionality. May be too heavy to wrap. Don't know how
well it works on win32.

Just for the record, gnuplot works very well on win32 (IMO, anyway).  In
fact, that's the only platform I've ever used it on, and I couldn't have
been happier with the experience.  It took a while to learn (a day or
so) but the end result was *exactly* what I wanted.

I don't know anything about how it works behind the scenes, so I have no
idea how hard it would be, but I would love to see a wrapper for it :o)

I have wrapped, or to be more accurate, created a pipe to, gnuplot in my applications -- in Linux. There is one also in in Gtk2::Ex:Geo

see "sub plot"

It does some guessing to figure out if the user wants to plot data from a hash or from an array or a Timeseries object (one of my in-house modules). It is handy and not much code, I know there is also Term::Gnuplot or something but this pipe approach has been good enough for me.



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