Re: Different graphing options

I am looking for excel-like charts for a business application.
Therefore no immediate need for math functions etc. One functionality
I would love is a 'tool-tip' that would pop-up with the value of the
data-point when the user moves the mouse on a data point (like excel).
Other than that, pretty much some bars, lines, pies etc.

I satisfied my requirements by writing a thin wrapper on GD::Graph.
Added the mouse-over tool-tip capability. I may add a right-click menu
to change the chart type from 'bars' to 'pie' etc.

I'm considering releasing it as Gtk2::Ex::Graph::GD. (assuming at some
point some one may want to write Gtk2::Ex::Graph::GnuPlot etc)

If no one has objections to that namespace, I'll get the code into



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