Re: GStreamer 0.01

On Mon, 2005-05-09 at 20:41 +0200, Matthias Bläsing wrote:

BUT then I crash in to the next problem. I looked at the manual and for
a player it would be nice to be able to seek through the stream (if
seeking ist possible), so I tried after reading this:

gst_element_seek (audiosink, GST_SEEK_METHOD_SET 
                             | GST_FORMAT_TIME 
                             | GST_SEEK_FLAG_FLUSH, 

Oh well, that just sucks.  They're cheating.  The prototype of that
function is

gboolean    gst_element_seek                (GstElement *element,
                                             GstSeekType seek_type,
                                             guint64 offset);

which clearly states that only values of type GstSeekType are allowed
for seek_type.  Well, but now they allow values of type GstFormat to be
or-ed in.  Our flags and enums handling code is less tolerant, simply
because it has to be due to the way we handle flags and enums.  If we
allowed every kind of value for them, there'd be no way to map the
strings back to the actual value.

Looks like we need custom conversion handling for this type.  I'll look
into it.  But I'll definitely file a very cranky bug report, too!


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