Re: passing arguments to the


On Tue, 2005-04-12 at 18:20 -0400, Sean Dague wrote:

Though what is a bit disconcerting is that Chapter1 of that tutorial
has the following:

"A packaged verion of this tutorial is available from which contains the tutorial in various
different formats. This package is primary for those people wanting to have
the tutorial available for offline reference and for printing."

That remark comes with the original tutorial, written for the C library,
and it's stated in the line above:

"The original version of this tutorial for the C interface comes with
this advice"

(as you reported).

Since the tutorial is still in alpha stage (that is: it lacks of some
chapters, and of some examples), I did not think of packaging it.

You could still check the tutorial out from CVS, under the
gtk2-perl-tutorial module, if you want to generate an HTML version from
the original DocBook format - and adding a PS/PDF target for XSLT
processing should be relatively easy.

And feel free to contribute (*hint* *wink*): I've had to cut back some
time from actually writing the tutorial, if I wanted to do some hacking.
But me and James Curbo wrote down the style to keep when writing the
tutorial, so that anyone could back us up, in case we lacked time.


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