Re: Installation problems on windows

Let me also respond as I managed to solve the problem:


Well, almost.

there are some hints that I need to install Gimp separately.
I did not follow the exact description as it seemed to be outdated so here is
what I did:

I downloaded  
    GTK+ 2 for Windows (version 2.6.4) 
   The Gimp for Windows (version 2.2.6)
unzipped them and then run their Windows installer.

After that I had to make sure the path to the bin directory of Gtk 2.0
is included in the PATH environment variable.
While the installation adds it to the System environment I had
to do some magic as follows:
Right click on MyComputer
Select Properties
Click on Environment Variables
Press OK

Now after opening a new "cmd" prompt I already had
the new path added to PATH and my application worked.

voila and thanks for the Win32 port !


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