Gtk-Perl to Gtk2-Perl porting documentation (was: CList font)

* Dejan Cabrilo <dcabrilo ku edu> [2004-06-05 09:15]:
Needless to say, if there are any pointers regarding the
switch, I'll be more than happy to read 'em :)

There is ample material, you simply have to look. Perusing Google
for a few minutes brought up:

 What's involved in porting from Gtk-Perl to Gtk2-Perl?

 "This document helps the process of porting gtk-perl apps to gtk2-perl."*checkout*/gtk2-perl/gtk2-perl/docs/porting?rev=HEAD

 Re: Tutorial for porting from Gtk-Perl to Gtk2-Perl

 I read that CList is deprecated, so what do i use?

 GTK+ 2.0 Tree View Tutorial

 Migrating from Previous Versions of GTK+

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