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On Friday, June 4, 2004, at 05:59 PM, Dejan Cabrilo wrote:

And yes, I tried searching the archives, but the search engine doesn't seem to work...

it seems to have been broken for a very long time. just use google (e.g.,

Anyway, how should I go about changing fonts in clist? Actually, I just need some entries to change on an event from bold to normal and vice versa.

two answers:


and, of course, the same answer ross gave: don't use gtk+ 1.x / gtk-perl; they are quite obsolete, by a couple of years now. use gtk+ 2.x / gtk2-perl, which are actively maintained, and much nicer for both the developer and the user.

in a Gtk2::TreeView and Gtk2::ListStore (the gtk2 replacement for the Gtk::CList), this is a trivial manipulation of CellRenderer properties.

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