Re: Gtk-Perl to Gtk2-Perl porting documentation (was: CList font)

On Saturday, June 5, 2004, at 03:40 PM, A. Pagaltzis wrote:

"This document helps the process of porting gtk-perl apps to gtk2-perl."*checkout*/gtk2-perl/gtk2-perl/ docs/porting?rev=HEAD

As Torsten pointed out, this is for the old Inline-based gtk2-perl, and is quite out of date. In April i was working on an updated porting guide i had intended to include on the website and in cvs, but it got stalled by Real Life. Here's the initial post:

I just discovered that i never did get it into cvs. Oops. I'm currently waiting on sourceforge to resolve some annoying problems with its developer access so i can get it in as /gtk2-perl-xs/doc/porting.pod, so other people can work on it.

 Re: Tutorial for porting from Gtk-Perl to Gtk2-Perl msg00076.html

again for the old stuff.

"the ternary operator makes it a bit less ugly."
    -- kaffee

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