Creating Gtk2 and/or Gnome2 interfaces for Perl with Glade or Glade-2

Hi there,
 I just found out about the Gtk2 Perl bindings (, thanks to debGTK.

I'm alreading writting a small Perl GTK+/Gnome application called MoviXMaker
( I make use of GladeXML-Perl.

Now that I've installed [in /usr/local] ExtUtils-Depends, Glib-Perl, Gtk2-Perl, Gnome2-Perl and
Glade extensions from the gtk2-perl (actually gtk2-perl-xs) CVS tree, how do I create GTK2/Gnome2
interfaces in Glade ?
Based on what I see, it doesn't seems that Perl is supported...

I might have done something wrong...

PS: Gtk2-Perl and Gnome2-Perl seem to work fine has debGTK runs nicely, so are Gtk2-0.24 (perl)
examples & gtk-demo.

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