Re: Creating Gtk2 and/or Gnome2 interfaces for Perl with Glade or Glade-2

Now that I've installed [in /usr/local] ExtUtils-Depends, Glib-Perl,
Gtk2-Perl, Gnome2-Perl and Glade extensions from the gtk2-perl
(actually gtk2-perl-xs) CVS tree, how do I create GTK2/Gnome2
interfaces in Glade ?

There are two basic approaches: either translate the .glade file into
regular source code, or interpret the .glade file at runtime.

When you say "glade doesn't seem to support Perl" what you mean is
that the first option isn't available - you can't translate a .glade
file into working Perl code, like you can C.  But that's not quite
true - Glade v1 and gtk-perl do support this, via a 'glade2perl'
program, which generates a set of Perl class files that use 'Gtk'.

With gtk2-perl, only the second option is available: the 'GladeXML'
module implements an "interpreter" for .glade files, so you can
"execute" them using GladeXML.

Note: I haven't tried this, since my only glade project hasn't yet
been ported to Gtk2, but others here have reported that it works
fine.  Read up on GladeXML and see how far you get.


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