Re: Creating Gtk2 and/or Gnome2 interfaces for Perl with Glade or Glade-2

to be honest i'm not exactly sure what you're asking. but here's an attempt at

Pascal said:
Hi there,
 I just found out about the Gtk2 Perl bindings (,
thanks to debGTK.

I'm alreading writting a small Perl GTK+/Gnome application called MoviXMaker
( I make use of GladeXML-Perl.

Now that I've installed [in /usr/local] ExtUtils-Depends, Glib-Perl,
Gtk2-Perl, Gnome2-Perl and Glade extensions from the gtk2-perl (actually
gtk2-perl-xs) CVS tree, how do I create GTK2/Gnome2 interfaces in Glade ?
Based on what I see, it doesn't seems that Perl is supported...

for a quick and dirty example of using Gtk2::GladeXML see the file under the
Glade/t/ directory called 0.GladeXML.t and it's associated glade file

using glade-2 you can save the ui you create, which is where
comes from. it's an xml file that describes the user interface and its
actions/events. libglade's input format is the save file format of glade-2.
(xml, etc.)

as of right now Gtk2::GladeXML is pretty alpha. it has been reported to work
and i've been able to play with it a little. i don't know enough about
libglade/GladeXML to go much further with it. it is highly based off of the
old GladeXML stuff from gtk-perl (so if you've used it you should be pretty
familiar with this incarnation.) hopefully in the not too distant future i'll
be able to put a little time into cleaning up the dir and pod doc'ing what is
currently there so that a release can be made. to be honest it won't go much
further than that until someone much more familiar with related topics takes a
look at it and fleshes the rest out. the main thing that is missing is the
implementation of custom widgets.

sorry, if this didn't answer your question.

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