Re: Gnome2::HRef question.

On Sunday, June 29, 2003, at 07:56 AM, Christian Hamar wrote:

2003. június 29. 13.51 dátummal Ross McFarland ezt írta:
unless i'm missing something, this is what you want:

that is good. But it's set only the URL and don't change the href label! when
i want to use set_label or set_text then it doesn't good because these
functions are deprecated.

set_label is deprecated, not set_text.

in perl $var->function implicitly passes $var as the first parameter to the function. (the href in your case) and you need to pass the text parameter,

so what ? :))
an example please ? :)

this is documented in the perlobj manpage, and used quite heavily throughout gtk2-perl (and gtk-perl, for that matter).

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