Re: beta 0.91 released

Chas Owens said:
I'm not sure that ActivePerl and Cygwin work nicely with each other -

to clarify, crtdll.dll and cygwin1.dll both include (conflicting)
implementations of the standard C library.  undefined things happen, depending
on link order, library versions, symbol tables, phase of the moon, positions
of the user's arms, etc.  the short answer is that they aren't compatible, the
long answer is a lot of pain and suffering and wishing you'd listened to the
short answer.

I poked around the website but could not confirm or deny wether
Gnome components are included in Dropline Gtk+ for Windows.
Do you know if they only package Gtk+ or if they include
Gnome as well?

i have seen only gtk/glib/pango there.

with the heavy unix dependencies in things like gnome-vfs and the fact that
libgnomeui depends on libgnome which in turn depends on the hard-to-port
stuff, i really doubt you'll get win32 native gnome libs.

having said that, i think libart and libgnomecanvas should be the easiest to
get going on win32 native, because they have none of those ridiculously
far-flung dependencies.  haven't tried it, though.

there are cygwin ports of most of the gnome libs, but they are incompatible
with the dropline stuff for the aforementioned reasons.

Don't underestimate the power of PPM.  I am Joe Six-Pack in the Microsoft
world and that is the only way I have installed any Perl modules.

do you know how to make and debug them?  (i had trouble getting the Glib and
Gtk2 PPMs to install, hence i didn't publicize the fact that i'd built them.)

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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