Re: beta 0.91 released

What is going to be the offical Win32 environment?  

winGS (or what ever it is called)

I will be happy to test since the only machine I have regular access to is since
my laptop died is a WinME machine.

I'm not sure that ActivePerl and Cygwin work nicely with each other -
besides, you have to compile binary Perl modules using the same compiler
as Perl itself. Since ActivePerl is built using Visual Studio, that's
what we need to use to compile Gtk2-Perl with.

The runtime environment will be

ActivePerl 5.8.0
The Dropline Gtk+ Runtime[1]

muppet has actually posted a brief explanation for building Gtk2-Perl on
Windows. I'm basically working my way through that. We're currently
trying to work out how much of the patch he created is still valid for
the 0.91 release.

The installer will probably be based on the Nullsoft installer. PPM
packages might also be a Good Thing, but I think that Joe Six-Pack
probably doesn't care too much about those.



Gavin Brown
e: gavin brown uk com
PGP/GPG key ID: 891D8FCA

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