Re: beta 0.91 released

I'm not sure that ActivePerl and Cygwin work nicely with each other -
besides, you have to compile binary Perl modules using the same
compiler as Perl itself. Since ActivePerl is built using Visual Studio,
that's what we need to use to compile Gtk2-Perl with.

The runtime environment will be

ActivePerl 5.8.0
The Dropline Gtk+ Runtime[1]

I poked around the website but could not confirm or deny wether Gnome components
are included in Dropline Gtk+ for Windows.  Do you know if they only package
Gtk+ or if they include Gnome as well?

The installer will probably be based on the Nullsoft installer. PPM
packages might also be a Good Thing, but I think that Joe Six-Pack
probably doesn't care too much about those.

Don't underestimate the power of PPM.  I am Joe Six-Pack in the Microsoft world
and that is the only way I have installed any Perl modules.

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