Re: Gtk2::SimpleList

looks pretty good to me. i was able, with a little bit of searching and
playing, to do things like use the get_renderer function to add a signal
for toggling the check boxes. things like that could probably be shown
in the pod and/or example code. 

Ultimately, I'd hope that commonly implemented stuff like that would be
encapsulated by the module itself, so for example you could call a
method called signal_connect_column or signal_connect_row or
signal_connect_cell, or whatever. Again, this is something I haven't
quite worked out in my mind so I'd appreciate any comments people might
have regarding anything that would be useful. Basically I want this
module to do away with as much as the over-complicated, repetetive
coding as possible, without sacrificing too much in the way of

i really like the gist of things. a similar version probably ought to
exist for tree's, or possibly a one-for-both module.

I imagined that there would be a Gtk2::SimpleTree as well, unless a
unified module would work better.


Gavin Brown
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