Passing in GTypes as parameters...

Hrm... it appears discussion has stalled on this, so I'll try and kick it
in again, since I need an answer. :)  Basically, there are a variety of
functions in the GStreamer API which take GTypes as parameters. In some
cases, the API should probably change (for example, the
gst_index_add_object() call takes a GObject and a GType , but you should
should be able to get this using the G_OBJECT_TYPE macro).  However, in
other cases, the type is used and there's no obvious way to work around
it.  For example, there are various factories which take a type as part of
their constructor.  In addition, there are a number of queries (for
plugins, features, etc), which take a GType as one of the parameters.
Thus, unfortunately, I can think of no way to wrap this except to pass in
GType's into the functions somehow.

So... any ideas on how to deal with this? :)


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