Re: Gtk2::SimpleList

On Fri, 2003-07-18 at 09:09, Gavin Brown wrote:
I've attached a really, *really* rough attempt at providing a more
Perlish interface to Gtk2's MVC gubbins, in a similar way that
Gtk::HandyCList works.

In the couple of months that I've been playing with Gtk2 the extra
complexity in the new model has been getting right up my nose, since in
the vast majority of situations it simply isn't needed.

The attached file contains a module called Gtk2::SimpleList, some POD
documentation and a bit of code to test it.

Basically this is an RFC - I'd like to get an idea of how people want to
use/are using Gtk2 lists and how closely this might meet their needs.



looks pretty good to me. i was able, with a little bit of searching and
playing, to do things like use the get_renderer function to add a signal
for toggling the check boxes. things like that could probably be shown
in the pod and/or example code. 

from the looks of it there's a little bit of robustness and
generalization that could possible be done. i'll keep looking at it

i really like the gist of things. a similar version probably ought to
exist for tree's, or possibly a one-for-both module. i'll let you and
the list know what i come up with. if you put more into it please do the

it would be nice if this could be in for 1.0, if that's going to happen
then things need to come together for it pretty quickly. anyone with
input please provide it.


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