Re: Gtk::perl documentation?

Stephen Wilhelm wrote:
"tutorial", so I am going to call it "Programming Gtk2-Perl".  I plan on
creating a small tutorial section, just covering what a widget is, how
you use them, how to attach signals, and other basic concepts.  After
that I hope to have a widget semi-reference with examples (similar to
how most of the current tutorial is) and then maybe a more advanced
section.  I even have a crazy idea about publishing it both on the web
and in book form, but I don't know how appealing such a thing would be
to a publisher.
I would be surprised if it wasn't immensly appealing to a publisher liuke Oreiley or New Riders. There is just a real lack of dead tree information on Gtk and almost none on Gtk+2 and perl. I'd shop it around once you have somehting solid.

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