Re: Gtk::perl documentation?

i apologize if i'm stating the obvious, but gtk-perl follows so closely with
gtk c that anything that claims to be a reference/tutorial for gtk c should
almost exactly apply to gtk-perl. with the appropriate changes:
gtk_window_get_title( GTK_WINDOW(win) ); becomes-> $win->get_title;

in the bigger picture, on things like accelerators and such the same should
hold true because the wrappers don't really introduce new
interfaces/architecture they just provide access to c's.

in working on new-gtk2-perl i've converted several of the gtk2 c examples to
perl and the changes are almost always 1-to-1.

i'll admit that there's not a lot of information specifically on gtk-perl, but
that's mainly due to the above stated reasons. a google search for 'gtk
programming book' shows there's a few gnome/gtk books out there (c of course.)


I'm kinda stumped here, bear with me a second...

I'm an experienced programmer, fluent in Perl, and I've even managed to put
together a system utility ( with a Gtk
interface that functions (primitively), but I'm utterly stumped as to how
anyone does anything useful with Gtk perl for lack of documentation.

One small example: keyboard accelerators. Function reference data isn't a
problem; overview and/or examples are. I can't find a single overview as to
how the pieces fit; what's the model, the logical structure? Examples?
Tutorial or $50 book? GladeXML has the same problem (it's much newer so it's
less surprising).

The Gtk tutorial is great (I wrote and thanked the author); it covers enough
basics I quickly extrapolated the rest. But I swear I spend as much time
Google searching for information than
designing/coding/debugging together.

I'll gladly pay real money for real book(s); does anything exist? hasn't changed since 2001, is there a better place, other
than the ref at (which is a great reference)?

Any hints appreciated.


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