Re: Gtk::perl documentation?

Hi Stephen ,

En ce jour du 17 Apr 2003 19:26:08 -0700,
Stephen Wilhelm <swilhelm computer org> parlait ainsi :
Glad you found the tutorial helpful.  Just so that everyone knows, I do
I definitely did too .

intend to update it for the Gtk2 release, but I have been rather busy
lately.  I work as a contractor for the Army, and the Afghanistan/Iraq
thing has been keeping me pretty busy, and I may get busier soon (there
is a very real chance of getting deployed to Kuwait).
Gulp ...

I had hoped to have the tutorial finished before a stable release of
Gtk2-Perl appeared, so that everyone here would have time to point out
minor mistakes or make some suggestions, but that no longer appears
possible.  I will get the work done as soon as I can, however.  It will
Don't you need or want any help ? At the moment , documentation is the only 
thing i am really fit for , and i like to help when i can ...

how most of the current tutorial is) and then maybe a more advanced
section.  I even have a crazy idea about publishing it both on the web
and in book form, but I don't know how appealing such a thing would be
to a publisher.
Considering Tom's appeal that i would support and that is shared by a lot
of people , AFAIK , it could be favorably received ...

D vid lacravate
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tresorier mongueurs net

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