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Unfortunately it is not that easy to export any C++, even if you are
using swig (which I have done quite a lot). There is a philosophical
difference between gtk and qt. gtk was designed from the very beginning
to make it as easy as possible to create bindings. Qt was created
to make a strong C++ tied library. As far as I understand, mapping
the C++ hierarchy of Qt to a script language is quite a feat.

What is it about Qt that makes it so difficult? A large amount of
typemapping required?

I really like the way that SWIG turns C++ objects into native objects in
the scripting language.

compare the number of languages that provide support for Gtk vs
for Qt.

What amazes me more is the number of unrelated language support modules
for Gtk which don't seem to share a common frame work - surely there is
a lot of duplicated effort there.

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