Editing the label on an existing TreeItem

Hi all,

I've been beating my head on this one, I would have thought it would be
simple :

I've built a Tree, added items in there (they're TreeItem's, created with
the convenience function new_with_label), created subtrees, etc. The tree
looks good, I can collapse/expand, fine.

Now I'd like to change the label on some of those *existing* items, how
can I do that ? I didn't find a function for this... I know how to set the user_data,
but that's not reflected in the label.

Is it possible ? Or do I need to remove() the item and recreate a new one ?
If that's the case, what happens to the subtree ? can I just copy it ?

Any indication will be helpful. A pointer to some source (gtk-perl or even C)
that does this can also help.

Thanks a lot,

João Moreira de Sá Coutinho
joao moreira reuters com
Paris, France

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