Technical Comparison

I have been looking for a technical comparison of GNOME/Gtk+ vs KDE/Qt.

I am most interested in this comparison from Perl's point of view, but any
comparative information would be appreciated.

I realize that the members of this list might not be entirely unbiased :)
That's okay, I am biased in favour of Gtk-Perl anyways.  Plus, at least
people here know something about the topic.

Could someone help me out here?

This is the current extent of my understanding:

- Since Gnome/Gtk+ it's written in C, it's easier to make bindings for
other languages.  Indeed, there are more bindings for Gnome/Gtk+ than

- Currently Perl has only bindings for Qt, not for the kdelibs.

A few questions:

- Gnome uses CORBA (ORBit) and KDE stopped using it (MICO) in v2.
  Any opinions on CORBA?

- Opinions on the object models?

Any information would be appreciated.  I want to start helping out with
(more than likely) Gnome, but I don't know what questions to ask.

Thanks in advance,

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