Re: mixed language coding

On 06/20/01 Brett Sanger wrote:
I have an application in Perl and another in c that I want to combine
into a single app.  Currently the perl code uses perl/Tk and the c code
does not have a gui.  My plan is to create a gtk+ gui using glade.   As
I see it there are a few approachs to the multi language issue:

I know everyone has been talking about XS, but have you looked into the
new(ish)  It looks to be THE way to combine languages and send
data between them.  (Of course, I haven't used it, just read the docs, so
take this with large amounts of salt).

Inline is a (very nice) hack, but it doesn't solve many problems
(only the initial creation of an XS module) and includes new ones
(need to have a compiler at runtime...).
Note also that with Inline you still need XS code.


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