ANNOUNCE: Glade-Perl 0.58

Hi all,

I have just uploaded perl module Glade-Perl-0.58.tar.gz to CPAN

Until it is mirrored around the world it is available on my websites.

Glade-Perl generates perl source code from a Glade file - Glade is Damon
Chaplin's beautiful Gtk+/Gnome UI builder. 

Glade-Perl can display the UI as it is built and/or generate source code 
and it can be called directly from Glade's 'Build' button. It can also
generate code to use libglade if you prefer.

Regards, Dermot

snipped from the Changelog:
Fri Apr 13 01:01:22 BST 2001 - Dermot Musgrove <dermot.musgrove>
  - Version 0.58
  - Mimimum requirements increased to Gtk-Perl-0.7000 and
    These have been around for a year or more now and fix many problems.
  - All packages - Extensive tidying of options handling with a new data
    structure. Old format options files will be read as before but
    options will be saved in the new hierarchically nested structure.
  - The options handling and diagnostics utilities have been moved to
    Glade::PerlRun so that you can use them in your own apps.
  - PerlUI - some variables updated for Gtk-Perl-0.7004 and later.
  - Some changes to generated comments and source code.
  - glade2perl - removed redundant 'use English' call
    New, more meaningful 'set_by' value and 
    New (2nd) arg to specify verbosity in glade2perl call 
    eg. 'glade2perl 2'
    Simplified usage so that a separate Glade::PerlGenerate->options()
    is not needed and the options can be specified to Form_from_File()
    Also, undefined glade_filename causes most recently used file stored
    in your user options file to run.
  - PerlRun->reload_any_altered_modules() is a new sub for app testing
    reload any modules that have been edited. This idea is from Stas
    and gives you the ability to edit and reload any signal handlers and 
    support modules without closing down the app and restarting it. 
    This is not possible if you regenerate the UI module and reload it.
    Your app will crash in flames if you try this.
    Simply call '__PACKAGE__->reload_any_altered_modules;' in a handler 
    for any widget/signal you like (I usually use a Refresh button).
  - PerlGenerate->Form_from_Glade_File() amended to call two new subs
    parse_form() and build_form() to allow use in future Glade::Helper
  - PerlGenerate->about_Form() fixed to use proper pixmap option
  - PerlGenerate->Form_from_Proto() now only generates subclass for
    AUTOLOAD style runs.
  - PerlRun->load_translations() amended to look for .mo files in
    possible places if a catalog path is not specified.
  - An extra form element is now returned from generated UI constructor
    that you can call $form->{'TOPLEVEL'} in any signal handler to get a
    toplevel form widget - ie. use $form->{'TOPLEVEL'}->get_filename()
    get the file name entered in a fileselection dialog from the
    'on_ok_button_clicked' signal handler.
  - PerlUI->my_gtk_perl_can_do() now also checks for particular versions
    that are known to be flawed in certain ways.
  - FAQ split into 3 files - all old FAQs are available on the website.
      FAQ       - Frequently asked questions (general)
      FAQ.i18n  - FAQs relating to internationalisation (I18N) issues.
      FAQ.old   - FAQs relating to old/flawed software versions
  - PerlSource->perl_about() generates `gnome-config --version` call in
    Gnome about_Form() sub in App/SubApp. If the gnome-libs-devel RPM 
    is not installed the gnome-libs version number will not be reported.
  - PerlSource now generates lines in app_run to load translations.
  - Glade-Perl.spec file based on one from George, the mp3 organiser. 
    This one works I think and allows RPM builds from the tarball by 
    calling eg. 'rpm -ta Glade-Perl-0.58.tar.gz'.
  - PerlUI->new_accelerator() - accelerator key now defaults to ''.
    PerlUIExtra->new_GtkPixmapMenuItem() also defaults key to ''
    PerlProject->use_Glade_Project() now escapes double quotes in
    Thanks for bug reports for the above reports to Joe "Markus" Clark.

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