Re: for RH Linux 6.2

On 06/21/01 Gregory Parrott wrote:
I am trying to get together the right RPMs so I can run that
I retrieved from the web.  It apparently needs and to
function.  I found an RPM that had in it and I thought I had one
that had, but I can't get that RPM to install.  Any clues as to
where to get this?  If not, any pointers for beginning Perl/Gtk/Gnome
users.  I'm used to writing device drivers, not user apps.

You may download the latest release from CPAN or from and compile it yourself, just make sure
you have the gtk and gnome development packages installed.
Or you may just install Ximian-Gnome from


lupus debian org                                     debian/rules
lupus ximian com                             Monkeys do it better

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