Re: First Post with a Question...

On 06/21/01 Chris Elston wrote:
I've been doing some work with the GTK perl module and have run into a
"problem" when using Gtk::Tree's.  It's not a true problem but actually an
added functionality that I want to disable.  It seems that Gtk::Tree's and
their subordinate pieces respond to middle and right mouse clicks in a
certain fashion.  IE, when you middle click on a tree item that has a
subtree, that subtree is expanded and with a right click, that subtree is
collapsed.  This is all fine and good, except in the app I'm trying to
develop, I want to associate a right mouse click with a particular popup
menu.  I've gotten the popup menu to work 99% (as good as any programmer
can gurantee :) ) but I want to some how turn off that default
middle/right click functionality.  I've tried doing a
"singal_disconnect_all" on both the tree item and subtree of that item to
no avail.  Am I going down the wrong path.  Anybody have any experience
with this?  Any help, even minor, would be a big help since this is
putting a pretty substantial road block in my development.  Thanks in

Gtk::Tree is deprecated, use Gtk::CTree instead.


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