How to Add a Keyboard Accelarator to a Button


I have a button in one of my dialogs and I want it to have a keyboard
accelarator. I.e: I want one of its letters to be underlined, and if the
user presses Alt+[Letter] or whatever is the GNOME convention, it will be
pressed automagically.

I have already did that to the menus, but I don't have Gtk::ItemFactory
for buttons. I know it is possible because a Glade dialog I generated (in
C) uses it. I cannot convert the dialog to perl because Perl-Glade is
broken, and fails on very simple dialogs

Furthermore, I could not find an accelarated button in the Perl/Gtk+
examples. Keyboard integration is very important for usability and
accessibility so we should at least have some working code.


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