Re: Mozilla binding

On 01/27/01 Maher Awamy wrote:
 Well, I don't get SEGV, though gdb gets confused when dealing with the 

If it gives you sig-user or something like that or sig-realtime - just type

The problem is it gets confused and says it cannot retreive the info for 
some of the threads...

 Anyway, happy Perl/Gtk/Mozilla hacking!

Cool, already hacked SkipStone in C - I thought about using GtkMozEmbed for
Pronto before and actually wrote bindings for it about 6 months ago or so but
discarded the idea immediately cause it uses 11mb of RAM !!!

Well, that's not my fault:-)
Anyway, in cvs there is code now to set the preferences: you might want to
disable Java and Javascript to save some memory. But probably to view
emails you will be just fine using Gtk::HTML.


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