Re: Mozilla binding

Same results with http connections, I am using Mozilla from CVS - I was
suspecting the libs and linking at the end, when I change the order or add
-lpthread (necessary lib btw Paolo) then I get a seg sometimes too in unkown
addresses if I run it under the debugger, weird !


On Wed, 24 Jan 2001 16:11:19 +0100, Paolo Molaro said:

Hi folks.
 In the Mozilla/ directory in the gnome cvs version of Gtk/Perl
 you can find the binding to embed the GtkMozEmbed widget.
 This is tested with the Mozilla 0.7 release and should
 compile out of the box if mozilla is installed in /usr.
 It works for me with the file: and about: uri schemes, but not
 with http (I get a connection refused message) and ftp (blank page
 without errors). This may be my setup, so if anyone wants to test
 it and report back to me, I'd be grateful.
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