Re: [gtk-osx-users] Using localization with "Application" menu with the gtk mac integration library.

On Oct 6, 2014, at 8:37 AM, Joshua Pettus <jshpettus gmail com> wrote:

I see, 

Harm Geert Muller, his name, just created a window called “About Xboard” and had it display some text, and 
licensing info.   I don’t think anyone really is all that expert in the intricacies of GTK.  Mostly he is 
moving things over from the ancient x11 athena set, and I’m sure you have an idea how limited that system 
is. It is still incomplete and no real experts ever came out of the woodwork.

It seemed weird for the integration library to hijack the menu item and put something that was already 
there. :)

Again, thanks for the info!
Joshua Pettus

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Most applications use a GtkMessageBox for the About dialog, but that’s separate from the menu item. Just have 
him make the menu item “_About” and the translation will work.

On the other hand, since this seems to be largely a learning exercise — there’s absolutely no need for XBoard 
in Gnome, which already has a fine Chess app ( — perhaps the two of you 
should be learning to use Gnome's modern application infrastructure,, rather than using deprecated features and 

John Ralls

El oct 6, 2014, a las 10:17 AM, John Ralls <jralls ceridwen us> escribió:

On Oct 5, 2014, at 8:20 PM, Joshua Pettus <jshpettus gmail com> wrote:

For the record, the reason why “About Xboard” wasn’t translated is because HGM took that string and made 
it to output  “About” which broke translations.

This is because the gtk integration library questionably adds the application name after “About”  I’m not 
sure why it’s necessary.  If there is an About menu item there, it was moved from somewhere else, and it 
almost always already had the application name affixed to it. I understand why it was done for the other 
items which are put there by the library.

I’m sure there is another solution for us to remove the second xboard in the about menu item,  but I 
don’t understand why we have too.

The Gtk stock item GTK_STOCK_ABOUT and its replacement, the help_about named icon, yield _About,  no app 
name. That string is translated in the gtk translations.

It sounds like your problem is that HGM, whatever that is, messed up: If it used _About, all would be well.

gtk-osx-integration expects the Gtk stock item and adds the app name to comply with Apple's HIG.

John Ralls

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