Re: [gtk-osx-users] PyGTK on Lion

You must not have deleted the installation directory. You can either try harder to clean up or just set build_policy = all and pass --clean on the command line to force everything to rebuild. You'll get a couple of failures for modules that don't have clean targets, just select "2 -- ignore error and continue" for each.

I did exactly that now. I added 'build_policy = "all"' to my .jhbuildrc-custom and passed --clean and rebuilt bootstrap, meta-gtk-osx-bootstrap, meta-gtk-osx-core, meta-gtk-osx-python. The first 3 went fine. But, during the build of meta-gtk-osx-python, the modules pycairo (13), pyobject(14), pygtk(15), gtk-mac-integration-python(16) failed the phases configure, clean, build and says "nothing to be done for install".

Now, when I run my app, I still get "no module named gtk". Kinda stuck here.


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