Re: [gtk-osx-users] PyGTK on Lion

Looks like you have an unsatisfied dependency on pango. (I didn't know that pango had python bindings.) 

The CGError is interesting. Do you get it if you just open a python shell (from inside a jhbuild shell, of course) and import gtk?

Yes. I get the same error (except the last 3 lines: ImportError, Fatal PYthon error and Abort trap) when I just import gtk from a python shell inside jhbuild shell. 
Where's _RegisterApplication() come from?

It's not a part of my application's code. So, it's probably coming from gtk itself.
Did you build gtk-mac-integration again after you got pygtk going?

No, I didn't earlier. Now, I did "make && make install" from gtk/source/gtk-mac-integration-1.0.1. Still the error remains. 

Am I building it the right way?


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