Re: [Gtk-osx-users] menu synchronisation

> Add the following to get the carbon menu item's title and add it to your g_print:
> CFStringRef cfstr;
> gchar *label;
> OSStatus err;
> err = CopyMenuItemTextAsCFString(carbon_item->menu, carbon_item->index, &cfstr);
> if (!err) {
>  label = CFStringGetCStringPtr(cfstr, kCFStringEncodingUTF8);
>  g_print ("Menu Item %s active %d\n", label, active);
> }
> else
>  g_print ("Unable to retrieve menu item label, %s\n", carbon_menu_error_string(err));
> if (cfstr)
>  CFRelease (cfstr);
> to see that the right menu item is having CheckMenuItem called on it.
> (I didn't test that; the docs for Menu Manager are at
> and for CFString at

could it be that this code is never reached if nothing else in the
submenu has changed?

b.t.w. would it help if I add this code to your testcase program?


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