Re: [Gtk-osx-users] newbie begs for assistance

On Jul 12, 2009, at 5:13 PM, Aron Weinstein wrote:

> Ok, so I added the directory address, created the alias and ran  
> jhbuild bootstrap and:
> Compilation and installation finished successfully
> *** success *** [12/12]
> now I want to get gnucash up and running, but again, I seem to be  
> having trouble running the first command
> Download 
>  into your home directory. It makes some changes to the defaults  
> from gtk-osx
> I tried running it with sh in front again, but it gives me an  
> unexpected syntax error:
> ron-weinsteins-macbook-pro-2:~ aronweinstein$ sh /Users/ 
> aronweinstein/
> /Users/aronweinstein/ line 5: syntax error near  
> unexpected token `"8."'
> /Users/aronweinstein/ line 5: `if  
> _osx_version.startswith("8."):'
> any advice?

You know, your inability to follow directions is really frustrating.  
It doesn't say anywhere that you should run .jhbuildrc-custom, just  
download it into your home directory. If it needed to have a .sh on  
the end, it already would.

So change the name back and do the next step in the instructions,  
which is:
$ jhbuild build

It will build. It will take a while (2 hours or so on my Mac Pro).
$ mkdir ~/gtk/inst/tmp
$ ~/gtk/inst/bin/gnucash

John Ralls

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