[Gtk-osx-devs] GTK-OSX Binary Package

Getting some complaints that the bootstrap through jhbuild is
too complex, so what I'm doing is installing just the /opt/gtk.

It would be nice if jhbuild would build the packages, but the
main thing is avoiding having to build everything from source.

So what I am doing is making one i386 build with python2.5
and one x86_64 build with python2.6, and then using lipo(1).

Eventually it would be best to have it more like on Win32*,
with only the basic GTK+ bundle and with the rest separate.

* http://www.gtk.org/download-windows.html

I don't think I'll need the framework build, since it only
complicates things. So plain old dynamic libraries is fine.

Currently using "jhbuild" for Quartz, MacPorts/Fink for X11*.
But eventually I'll probably need to provide custom binaries.

* http://0install.net/install-mac.html

My current GTK-OSX.pkg is around 30M, which isn't "too bad"
considering the Universal Binaries and lousy .pkg compression.

Are you going to be hosting any pre-compiled jhbuild binaries
on GTK-OSX's SourceForge ? I don't really want to bundle it...

* http://afb.users.sourceforge.net/zero-install/


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