Re: Announcement of Visual Studio 2015 projects and solutions for Gtkmm and GTK+

Hi Yann,

On 27.11.2015. 9:40, Yann Leboulanger wrote:

On Windows, IMO, the ideal project would have to provide binaries (not
just source), probably built with VS2015 and support both GTK2.x and
GTK3.x stack. Additional points would be to build gstreamer,
GtkSourceView and many other commonly used libraries.

It's available here:

Doesn't seem that user friendly to me (at least if not interested in Python part):
- single installer forcing me to pre-install Python or else it will quit
- wiki seems to indicate that it is focused to GTK v3, what about GTK 2.x? (links to some legacy versions exists but their installers are big 500kB only, and there is no documentation on what they contain)
- uses gcc to build modules, not VS2015
- general lack of documentation of what is to be found within
- probably lacks 64-bit builds

Currently, I see many projects related to building GTK for Windows,
each doing work on their own without central/common project.

It's exactly what GTK developpers want, the same as under linux: each distrib build it's own binaries

I don't agree with such view: Windows can be viewed as single distro, so it makes no sense to me why having so many projects? I very much admire how Qt provides clean installer for Windows, installing also debug together with release versions of the libraries.

The idea is to enable developers to have as painless experience as possible.
I don't see the reason why would some GTK+ application developer be forced to build entire stack before starting to program its app.


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