Re: Announcement of Visual Studio 2015 projects and solutions for Gtkmm and GTK+

On Fri, 2015-11-27 at 09:55 +0100, codekiddy wrote:
Sure, why not, Actually I used these as a starting point, I'll be
glad to contribute!
Although instead of working on patches on existing solutions (and
working on multiple versions for each VS), it should be easier to
just push new "reworked" solutions somehow?

It's important that improvements can be tracked as distinct commits, so
we can see what has actually changed and why.

At first, you'd have to submit patches to bugzilla, but you can quickly
earn my trust so I just let you push directly. For instance, I'm happy
for Chun-wei Fan to just make the changes he thinks are necessary.
Hopefully you can work together on this, with others too. 

Although I'm not sure how to make them work inside source tree
(because project properties are one folder level outside of source
tree), but it's worth discussing to see what changes can be done to
make them work and incorporate into source tree.

What say you?

Apparently the existing projects work so far at least for some people,
so please do try to work with the existing system.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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