Re: Announcement of Visual Studio 2015 projects and solutions for Gtkmm and GTK+

I've seen most of the links before in the past.
Hexchat seemed promising at the time, but their unwillingness to fix or change anything to the project that is not related to them (including building GtkSourceView) was a big disappointment.
Some other projects are for GTK+ 3.x only, and that makes them unusable to me.

Msys2 project is currently the easiest way to build the GTK stack on Windows, but the issue here is the use of mingw compiler. My measurements show that my own program compiled with msys2 stack (using -O2 optimization level) is up to 50% slower in some tasks compared to binary produced by VS2013/VS2015.

In the end, I must say, that as the time passes, I appreciate more and more the work that Tor Lillqvist used to put to provide GTK+ binaries for Windows. I don't think any other project has matured to step in and to the work that he has provided.

On Windows, IMO, the ideal project would have to provide binaries (not just source), probably built with VS2015 and support both GTK2.x and GTK3.x stack. Additional points would be to build gstreamer, GtkSourceView and many other commonly used libraries.

Currently, I see many projects related to building GTK for Windows, each doing work on their own without central/common project.


On 27.11.2015. 8:27, Ignacio Casal Quinteiro wrote:
Also I started to work in a way to automatize the builds:

Still far from ready but any help would be appreciated.


On Fri, Nov 27, 2015 at 8:18 AM, Miroslav Rajcic <support notecasepro com> wrote:
Looks nice, it's appreciated very much!
Any chance to add GtkSourceView library in the mix ?


On 27.11.2015. 7:59, codekiddy wrote:
Hello there!

I'm glad to be able to announce new release of Visual Studio 2015 projects and solutions to compile GTK+, Gtkmm, all it's dependencies
solely by using Visual Studio, as well as few other popular "hard to build" libraries.

To best illustrate which packages you can build with these projects and solutions see this image

Entry repository is available on GitHub Visual Studio gtkmm

There is also an updated Visual Studio gtkmm wiki to help beginners building gtkmm from scratch.

Any possible updates will be pushed to msvc-140 branch, up to next release of Visual Studio.

Thank you!


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