Re: ATK dependency

On Sat, 13 Jul 2013 07:21:30 -0700 (PDT)
Kemin Zhou <kmzhou4 yahoo com> wrote:

Your information is very important.  I was suspecting that.  I
installed at-spi2-atk last night, and the configure is still not
recognizing it.  It is likely, other packages may also needed.  It
seems that the at-spi2-atk installed the pkgconfig.  I may also need
to do ldconfig after the installation.  

Did anyone write any FAQ for this?  I was going through the FAQ list,
and did not find anything.  In the end, these packages must satisfy
the Linux linking system.  My RedHat 6.4 distribution is missing a
lots of staff, and the yum program is disabled by the company.  The
IT people make sure that this computer cannot be updated by any
simple means.  I have to use the download and compile channel.  

Anyway, I will give it another try.

You can see the dependencies by looking at  It certainly
has a dependency on atk and at-spi2-core.

If you are installing from source you are expected to know what you
are doing.  The best thing is to install the packages provided by your
distribution: most distributions provide automatic package management
for their binary packages.


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