Re: GTK TreeView control in Windows (DND issue)

On 18/09/2011 13:10, John Emmas wrote:
> On 18 Sep 2011, at 11:54, Dieter Verfaillie wrote:
>> Probably best to attach this to some bug report and start marking
>> the other TreeView DnD related reports as duplicates. Then we have
>> a bug report to show the maintainers (I think that's the preferred
>> way of working) and it's shows me mean business here ;)
> Can I leave that to you then, Dieter?  It sounds like you're a bit more experienced in that area than I am.

Did some more test last night and this is more general than just
TreeView DnD being broken. The moment any drag icon is below the
pointer things break. It's just more evident with TreeView DnD
because it sets a huge "icon" and explicitly places it at the
center of the pointer. Other GTK+ widgets' DnD operations do
not do this AFAIK.

Confirmed our patch fixes other cases of a drag icon being below
the pointer.

Searched bugzilla and learned somebody else already discovered
which commit broke DnD behavior. It had a patch to simply
revert that commit, but that's a no go (loosing the OLE2 DnD
work that's there, even if not functional, would be a great
loss IMHO).

Sad there's over 3000 bugs for the GTK+ product in bugzilla. We
could have saved ourselves some time debugging. Oh wel ;)

So took hold of ,
marked duplicates and attached our patch. Then asked for review on
#win32 (before pestering a GTK+ maintainer on #gtk+).

pbor had some remarks (thanks & fixed), tml dropped by (requested
by Fridrich). Fridrich made me extremely nervous by doing that!
I'd rather have respected tml's choice of no longer working on
the win32 port of GTK+. Got over it though ;)

Had a nice chat with tml, he didn't remember much from the days
when he committed the patch that broke DnD and didn't see anything
obviously wrong with the patch we are now proposing to fix it up
again. Good!

Will go seek a GTK+ maintainer now on #gtk+. Add yourself to the
CC list of bug #616544 if you want to keep informed, I'll no longer
notify this list about this particular issue.

Also had a look at forward porting this to gtk3. Sadly, win32 DnD is
completely broken in new and exciting ways. Something for another day


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