Re: GTK TreeView control in Windows (DND issue)

On 18/09/2011 12:18, John Emmas wrote:
> On 18 Sep 2011, at 10:00, Dieter Verfaillie wrote:
>> Reverting gdk_drag_find_window_for_screen to the 2.16 era logic
>> effectively fixes treeview dnd (see attached patch). Have not yet
>> tested if this breaks other things so this patch needs more work.
> Great news!  The patch is quite straightforward (fortunately, because
> I had to revert it manually!) but I can confirm that it does solve the
> problem. Dieter is right that it probably screws up whatever was
> intended by the original change so we do need to flag this up to the
> development team.

Already fixed in a followup patch. See my latest message in this
thread :)

> It looks like the intention was to upgrade the DnD
> mechanism to use OLE.

>From my current understanding of win32 GTK/GDK, OLE2 DnD has been
a long term goal for a long time (since the GTK+ 1.X days even),
but is not yet functional.

> I'm away for the next few days but I'll try
> contacting a developer on IRC this afternoon so we can at least let
> someone know.  Failing that, I'll post something on the gtk-devel
> list.

Probably best to attach this to some bug report and start marking
the other TreeView DnD related reports as duplicates. Then we have
a bug report to show the maintainers (I think that's the preferred
way of working) and it's shows me mean business here ;)

Well, I'm preparing our meal now, will be back in about an hour or

> Great teamwork!

Feels great, doesn't it :)

> Now to take a look at Peter's patches....

Really good stuff in there. I can move a scrollbar handle again
even when the pointer is outside of the GtkWindow containing
said scrollbar.


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