Re: Scrolling Problems with a Floating Widget


> I have done what you said, however the issue is that the TreeView,
> despite the setting of a size request of (0, 0) is not scrolled, it just
> takes up all the space and can't be resized, (screenshot here)

I tested this and you're right: when linked against GTK+-3.0, treeview
ignores set size request. I also linked your sample app with GTK+-2.0
and things work as expected.

> How can I make it so that the TreeView does not do this, so that it can
> be scrolled? (Code is at the end)

Maybe someone that is familiar with GtkSizeRequest interface/GtkTreeView
can help here? Additionaly, could this be considered a regression in GTK


Tadej Borovšak
tadeboro gmail com
tadej borovsak gmail com

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