Scrolling Problems with a Floating Widget


In my application, I want to have a setup so that I have a GtkScrollable
widget with scrollbars. However the issue is that I want to have a
normal GtkWidget above it, that doesn't move when I scroll (or 'floats').

For example

I can achieve this by having a GtkVBox, containing my 'floating widget'
and a GtkScrolledWindow, within which there is the GtkScrollable widget.
However the issue with this is that the scrollbars don't cover the area
ofd the floating widget, so it seems as though they are 'disconnected'
in some way.

Like this

So I gathered that I had to use my own GtkHScrollbar and GtkVScrollbar,
like so

However I cannot get this working in GTK3. Can someone point me to an
example, or simply explain the different components in how this can be
achieved, so I can try to get it working?



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