Re: does AT-SPI or ATK help me for client side accessibility of GTK

On 07/21/2011 07:16 AM, mmb wrote:
hi ,thanks for replying
  As you are saying "accessibility support on Windows is not
ATK/AT-SPI based. One solution could be create a kind of ATK-IA2 bridge,
but as far as I know, nobody is doing that."
I am using windows XP OS and Monodevelop and CODEBLOCKS IDE's for developing
GTK applications.
I am new to this technology,i have basic idea how GTK applications are
developed ,but what i want is
For Ex:  i have to  develop a screen reader in GTK ,when i point the mouse
cursor over any GTK application which is not deveoped by me i want to get
the widget name which i am pointing".

You can do that, but as I said on Linux.

For doing this on Windows platform i tried using UI Automation Technology
but it is failing to give widget name of any GTK child in a window.So can i
get any DLL's or Interfaces or something else for AT-spi/ATK (whichever is
meant for client side accessibility of GTK ) which i can use to develop my
screen reader.

GTK doesn't have UI Automation support at all.

one last thing does ATK will help for client side accessibility or AT-SPI
will help or none of them is supporting  windows platform...

I don't fully understand that question. Anyway, if your question is something like "Is it possible to use current GTK accessibility support on Linux to implement an accessibility support on Windows?", I already answered that on my previous mail.

IMHO, the easiest way could be implement a kind of ATK-IA2 bridge, as ATK and IA2 are really similar in other aspects. Probably there are other options, but I'm not really experienced with Windows a11y framework to wonder one. Anyway, any of those options would be a trivial task.


Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias

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