does AT-SPI or ATK help me for client side accessibility of GTK

hi ,thanks for replying
 As you are saying "accessibility support on Windows is not 
ATK/AT-SPI based. One solution could be create a kind of ATK-IA2 bridge, 
but as far as I know, nobody is doing that."
I am using windows XP OS and Monodevelop and CODEBLOCKS IDE's for developing
GTK applications.
I am new to this technology,i have basic idea how GTK applications are
developed ,but what i want is 
For Ex:  i have to  develop a screen reader in GTK ,when i point the mouse
cursor over any GTK application which is not deveoped by me i want to get
the widget name which i am pointing".

For doing this on Windows platform i tried using UI Automation Technology
but it is failing to give widget name of any GTK child in a window.So can i
get any DLL's or Interfaces or something else for AT-spi/ATK (whichever is
meant for client side accessibility of GTK ) which i can use to develop my
screen reader.
one last thing does ATK will help for client side accessibility or AT-SPI
will help or none of them is supporting  windows platform...

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